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The Kingdom of Irvi is a young nation that has been born out of major conflicts years ago,many provinces were united by the current King.The King agreed in 1920 to install a parlament and to give a share of his power to the Prime Minister and its followers.The King has now become more of a tradition rather then a been a ruler but he is the most respected man in Irvi.Irvi is surrounded by a smaller and major nations that have been around for decades or even centuries.Will the current goverment hold? Will the nation prevail and will it become the most respected nation in the world? If it was for the King he would of conquered the world already.With over 50 million in population Irvi is one of the most populated nations in the world but all these people need food,work and after all they want to feel free.The Goverment will be busy to give everybody its satisfactions.The Goverment is still in its early infant years and is falling and getting back up.May the Irvian people find peace in their homelands that knew war for millions of years.

God save the Irvi

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  • Lore
  • Kingdom of Irvi
  • Notable Characters
  • Notable Events
  • Political Parties
  • States
  • Geography
  • Short Version of Irvian Constitution

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